Panzer War

A fantastic tank battle game.

We are working on it now!


Panzer War is a full-platform TPS battle game that includes tanks from World War I to Cold War. The game includes more than 40 tanks, and the game is accompanied by exquisite image quality and advanced physics simulation and smooth battle experience. The difference between Panzer War and the Cry of War is that Panzer War is HP-based damage system.

Track simulation.Independent Suspension.

The best track simulation system in mobile games.


Cartoon.View your tank in a differenct world!

Cartoon renderering option is back now.

Download game now.Android and PC supported.

Available On GooglePlay and Steam.

Gaming Community

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Panzer War 2019.x RoadMap
Plan Finish time Status
New mechanics about vehicles 2019 Season 1 Working on
New tanks(Up to 10 new tanks in next update) 2019 Season 1 Working on
New maps 2019 Season 1 Pending
Mods compatibility 2019 Season 1 Working on


About PC version


The game is bundled with Cry of War on Steam.

Hot to get it?

Since November 2018, we have officially released the PC version of the Panzer War.

By purchasing the Cry of War on Steam, you can choose to play the Panzer War.

Purchase Link: Steam Link(Bundled with Cry of War)

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Windows (.exe)

Purchase Link: Steam Link(Bundled with Cry of War)